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Saffron Spices


Saffron is the "King of Spices."

Saffron is the red stigma of the fall flowering purple crocus. Saffron threads change into a bright yellow color when used and should be applied sparingly as a spice because of its strong coloring and intense flavor and aroma. There is no substitute for its unique flavor and brilliant yellow color. Saffron Spices has the same integrity of flavor and aroma as saffron. The custom blends will blossom on your taste buds like flowers in the spring. The saffron of Kashmir has an exquisite lotus-like fragrance and is of a high quality.

Saffron (Also known as Karkom, and Sahafarn) was first used as a spice in Asia Minor close to 4000 years ago. It was used by ancient cultures as a spice and dye from the Sumerians to the Egyptians and the Romans. Saffron is even mentioned in classical writings including the bible.

Crocus sativus (saffron) is the world's most expensive spice. Saffron are the stigmas from the crocus sativus flower. There are only 3 stigmas (referred to as saffron threads) per flower. Saffron is hand harvested thats why, it is so prized and so expensive. It takes about 13,125 threads to weigh one ounce.

Saffron : The king of Spices. The most expensive and most precious spice in the world. It has strong coloring power and intense flavor, it can be used sparingly. It's a spice harvested from a member of the humble Crocus family. Could this spice cherished by the ancient & modern civilization. Saffron is used both for its bright orange-yellow colour and for its strong flavor and aroma.

For 3 decades we have been purveyors to chefs, supermarkets and home cooks. From the very start of our business our main passion and interest was to deliver the highest quality saffron that comes from Kashmir. It comes along with 1 year warranty and this simply symbolizes our philosophy of this day-"Satisfied Customers through the highest quality products and an honest ,straight forward customer relationship."
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