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Kashmiri Sun Brand Saffron

Kashmiri Saffron


Kashmiri Saffron

Kashmir has the proud privilege of being saffron blessed places. Pampore, near Srinagar, is the place in the world besides Spain and iran where saffron is grown.

The crocus sativus plant, which blooms in a month of october in the year, has six golden stamens and crimson. It is the crimson stamen which when collected and dried that forms saffron and is referred to as the most expensive spice in the world. When buying loose saffron, sampling one strand is enough, for the flavour and fragrance of saffron are unmistakable.

Kashmir saffron ("Kashmiri Kesar") is considered the best in the world for its distinctive long silky threads with a dark red color, its pleasant aroma and its powerful coloring and flavoring capabilities.No other subistence or spices can take place of saffron's flavour or aroma in this world.

Our Kashmiri Sun Brand saffron is 100% pure and free from any foreign subsitence, premium quality, sealed in the beautifully designed retail packaging. Our saffron is available fresh, having been harvested from the current crop. The orange-red stigmas of the saffron plant produce a pleasant aroma and a warm golden orange color. The yellow stamens are also harvested, however they do not have the same aromatic and color properties of the stigmas. Pure saffron consists of only the orange-red stigmas of the saffron plant. Saffron is also believed to have many medicinal properties.

Saffron Called Kesar in the rest of India, saffron is used as a flavoring agent in many food preparations, from rice dishes, such as biryani, to various sweets and tabbocoe industry.
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