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Taste and savour of the spice saffron is unforgettable. Saffron is the most precious and most expensive spice in the world because it uses only the three strands of the crocus sativus flower - a type of iris, which blossoms in the autumn in the northern hemisphere. At the time of harvest the three red strands or stigma need to be plucked from each flower by hand. This is time consuming and labour intensive. It means that about 500,000 strands will need to be gathered in this way to produce 1kg (2lbs) of the spice.

Sun Brand Saffron (Best Kashmiri saffron)

The most reliable and highly reputed brand dealing in Saffron . The name sun brand is a guarantee of quality. Sun brand is an extensively big store offering best quality, fine strands of Crocus sativus (commonly known as "Kesar" or Saffron). If you are looking for saffron for your use or for restaurant-catering or for a shop of Saffron Specialist, your search ends here, because we are here to meet almost all of your saffron needs. The world of sun brand from producers to consumers is a world of cooperation , innovation and determination as regards the improvement of its service. We have experience in the acquisition, packaging and commercialization of saffron.

At present, Sun Brand has succeeded to position itself as one of the most consolidated companies in the worldwide trade of saffron. J.P. Kesarwala's is one of the largest saffron procurer in India supplying saffron, which is rich in aroma and flavour. One best shop for all the quantities of quality saffron.

We also believe in packing, but not only packing, they are many other brands in saffron who perfer's and boost about there packing. Our main preference is Saffron because we believe our valued customers spend on quality first, and then on packing ,cutomers have to consume Saffron and throw the packing later.
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